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I honestly can see this as a poster for the 25th anniversary the of the film and the drawing does represent Beauty and the Beast as a w...

The style you have for this painiting does remind me so much of a AA Mille's work with how there is a sense of nostaligia in the painit...

Perhaps because of the way photography styles changed this one does look like an actual photograph when colorization rather than a roma...

At first I thought this was one of the Romanov girls due to her facial features and the way the color comes off does enhance it in whic...



Happy Beginnings
And death shall have no dominion.
Dead men naked they shall be one
With the man in the wind and the west moon;
When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,
They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
Though they go mad they shall be sane,
Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;
Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.

It has been too long since I made a Rumbelle photo and after that finale, I became much more inspired to see them again.

My thoughts on Season 6: It was so boring that I couldn't get mad over what was going on (especially during that GoldenQueen nonsense *throws up*), I thought the Emma/Hook fight was a little too late as everyone and their mother knew they would have never had problems when OutlawQueen & Rumbelle were decimated and I couldn't understand what was the point of killing off Robin as the Jekyll/Hyde plot was for nothing. The only thing good about it was that last few minutes of that finale and it was for everybody. I loved that cute ending for Regina, Emma and Killian working together brought back my pre-Quiet Minds love for them, Snowing being sweet and my babies got their happy ending with little Gideon all having "Passover" together at Granny's. That is the series finale for me and I am satisfied for it (thousand times better than True Blood which is now my new standard for shows)

On to this photo; the idea was based on a scene from the fanfiction of my good friend MarieQuietContrarie called Happy Beginnings . It takes place right after the finale with Belle and Rumple being parents for Gideon and Rumple receives a visit from an old friend. I used the poem And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan Thomas after falling in love with it this morning, thought it worked well. Recommend checking the fanfic out and grab a few tissues. 
The North Prevails
The North has had tragedy time and time again which have lead them to be the Westoros punching bags where they honestly didn't deserve it. Perhaps their luck has finally changed.
Vicbourne Sabrina AU

In the Saxe-Cobourg estate, there lived a young girl named Victoria Hanover who is the niece of the housekeeper. Her life was fairly normal living in the grounds as patriarch of the family, Leopold decides to pay for her education in New York City. On the eve before she was set to depart, Victoria decided to confess her feelings to Albert one of the three brothers as he never noticed Victoria as nothing more than just a childhood playmate. Humiliated at the realization Albert will never reciprocate her feelings; Victoria decides to run away only to bump into the eldest son William who convinces her to head back not fully comprehending what he had witnessed.

Victoria returns back to England five years later now as a sophisticated woman immediately charming the London society and finally capturing the heart of Albert who has forgotten everything expect that he is completely smitten with Victoria. However, the courtship of Albert and Victoria causes stress within the family as his engagement and an upcoming merger are hanging in the balance. To fix the situation, William volunteers to deal with Victoria in which to his delight discovers she really isn’t a gold-digger and decides in getting to know her better. Victoria learns William is a man who plays it safe to the point where she inspires him to make a decision in leaving to New York. Through their dates, William begins to ease himself for the first time since losing his family and Victoria slowly realizes what she felt for Albert was merely a childhood infatuation while processing her newly acquired feelings towards William. The night before William is suppose to leave; Victoria goes over to his flat with a celebratory dinner with each of them hinting their feelings to one another much to William’s guilt. Through simply curiosity, Victoria discovers the tickets accepting William’s strange idea of a proposal until he breaks down telling her the truth of his original plans regarding the merger and Albert’s involvement. He offers her a new life in New York but he can’t be part of it were some part of Victoria understands but at the same time is disappointed he will choose duty once again.

Some time later, Albert convinces William as to his foolishness for letting Victoria go as he begins roughing him to up to prove he really does care for the girl in front of the everyone who were under the impression she was a gold digger. It had turned out Albert made all the arrangements for William to take the first plane and to find Victoria at Brokett Hall, a prep school just outside of New York City where she teaches English. After a grueling two days of traveling, William heads over to the school ground catching Victoria in costume as part of her method in teaching students. Victoria is happy to see William as he confess to no longer being afraid of taking risks leaving them to kiss next to a nest of rooks.

Hey everyone, I hope y'all are doing great.

So good news, I am already starting the process to graduate where hopefully if it works out then I can set the date for May of 2017. Between work and school, I have little time for a social life or trying to get anything done and I even moved to a better apartment than where I was living at. The area is literally five minutes away from the beach so you get this Welsh Gothic atmosphere meets Stephen King's Maine vibe when setting foot as there is always fog and you get that feeling someone or something is behind you as my roommate thinks maybe the ghost of Jack the Ripper wants to mess with me. 

I will most definitely need to make a day to take photos in order to explain what I am talking about because its something that you would not expect to see in this side of the world. 
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Isabella Jurado
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Hola soy un estudiante en mi tercer ano viviendo en los Estados Unidos en la Universidad estudiando psicología pero no se en que ver hacerlo todavía si cuando no me vuelvo loca. Desde era chica, siempre estuve usando la camera donde en todos los clubs que estuve en las secundaria me dieron el trabajo del fotografiá y no puedo salir de me casi sin mi camera. Mis programas favoritas son True Blood, Walking Dead y Game of Thrones pero lloro cuando se terminen porque no tengo nada a vera después pero eso es en el Inverno y solo quiero descansar después de un semestre dura.

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